12WBT Free Recipe: Savoury Cafe Crumpet

Crumpets have long been topped with sweet spreads and fruits but what about a savoury option? We say it’s time to upgrade your brekky with this brunch crumpet topped with irresistible eggy goodness! This crumpet is simple to make but tastes gourmet enough to justify skipping the jam 😉 Yum!

Reviewed by: Amanda Turbill, APD, M.Nutr&Diet, B.Edu

Savoury Cafe Crumpet

Serves: 1 | Prep time: 5 min | Cooking time: 10 min | 309 Cal per serve




  • 1  Crumpet, From Wholemeal Flour,
  • Toasted (50g)
  • 1 Teaspoon Dijon Mustard (5g)
  • 1  Cage Free Poached Egg (59g)
  • 40g Lean Ham, sliced
  • 30g Avocado
  • 40g Baby Spinach, wilted
  • 1 Pinches Pepper (1g), or to taste


  1. Bring a small pan of water to a simmer and crack in the eggs gently.
  2. Cook for 4 mins (or to your liking). 4 mins will enable the whites to set with runny yolks.
  3. Meanwhile, toast the crumpets until golden.
  4. Place the spinach into a colander and pour some boiling water over the spinach to wilt it.
  5. Once toasted, spread your crumpet with Dijon and add avocado, ham, spinach and your poached egg on top! Top with cracked pepper.

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Isabella Dugan
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